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20th-Aug-2012 10:50 pm - The Twisted Timeline Universe
QC Faye
Author: cj_miller/firegazer

Fic: 'Out of Time'; 'Shattered Moments'; 'A Widening Gyre'

Pairing: Hermione/George; Hermione/Sirius

Assessment of Adultocity: Nothing worth warning for, really. Some Imperius curse, but and a little bit of violence.


Summary- Hermione's got a convenient new thing called a timeturner that lets her get to classes in third year. But suddenly, a message from herself has her housing a known convict, and it's not so convenient anymore...

I read this years ago, and then again a few less years ago, and now, when someone mentioned time-travel-redo fics to me, this one came to me again. And it's as good as I remember.

This fic is just wretchedly beautiful. And so clever. Aside from a brilliant Hermione, George and Sirius, it also has a plot that will gobsmack you with its perfection and complexity. I'm not spoiling it, but let us just say, this is in no way a typical 'time travel redo'. It is no way your traditional fanfic. It is exceptional and one of the best fics I have read in any fandom. I don't think I've even read a novel that has slapped me with its brilliant plotting in this way.
QC Faye
Author: Jae Gecko

Fic: The 'Turning 'Verse'.

Pairing: Sam Seabourne/Josh Lyman

Assessment of Adultocity: A lot internalised homophobia.


Oh, my heart. This has ruined canon for me, ruined it. Things which were playful and sweet are suddenly so poignant it hurts. It meshes, and it works. Sam's shining idealism, Josh's desperate dedication to politics and doing what is necessessary are brought to the front and it is so beautiful. New headcanon.

The series is somewhat truncated. A whole bunch of resolved stories, but the over all arc isn't quite resolved. If you want a happy ending, I'd suggest stopping at 'Interlude for Two Voices and A Cast of Thousands'.
17th-Jul-2012 09:19 pm - Direction
QC Faye
Author: boombangbing

Fic: Direction

Pairing: Steve Rogers/Darcy Lewis

Assessment of Adultocity: Drunkeness, language, catholic guilt, some nice, hot, real sex.


Steve/Darcy is my new OTP. Yes, I have a het OTP. She's fun, irreverent and normal, and he's such a goof. An unsure, adorable goof.

This one is one I've loved, because it isn't about the Avengers, it's pretty much about Steve Rogers' private life. It's one that makes him a real guy, dealing with his normal person problems, trying to have a relationship. It's not over serious, or angsty. It's just...real. Het, right? Who knew?
4th-Apr-2012 01:37 pm - Arcane Asylum
QC Faye
Author: new_kate

Fic: Arcane Asylum

Pairing: Arthur/Merlin

Assessment of Adultocity: I don't remember it being graphic, but there were some mentions of rape.


Imagine 'Escape From New York' but good. Then add magic.


It's a fantastic story, with a mystery, a brilliant, brave Arthur, doing very Arthur things. Merlin is far more 'Emrys' than he is in canon, but he's still sweet, dorky and fey. There's a great Mordred and...

It's a well rounded, complete little universe. It's just...really good! :D

(Fine, it's been ages since I read it, but it was SO GOOD, I had to come back and review it.)
Author: Less Wrong

Fanfic: Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

Pairing: None! They're eleven!

Assessment of Adultocity: Nothing sexual or, as far as I am aware, warning related.


This fic is like if Richard Dawkins and Terry Pratchett got together to write a take-down of Harry Potter.

I've occasionally wondered at the lack of scientists in the Potterverse. I mean, it's the first thing I'd do, make something as big as I can. Like a cell! Does it make the molecules bigger, or does it increase the amount of stuff. Eventually, would I see, for example, a giant phosopholipid, or would the membrane remain the same size and then burst when it becomes too large to contain the pressure of all the cytoplasm. What happens to the inter-atomic forces if the molecules get huuuge? Fascinating, no? It would be a huge fucking gift for any modern scientist to enter a world where there are such simple questions that you ask, and so simply answer.

So understand me when I say, much like with Richard Dawkins, I agree with the author, but I still don't trust his motivations for writing, and I think that he's so magnificently far up his own arse that it is vaguely off putting.

Much like Terry Pratchett, he's hilarious and surreal. Much like Terry Pratchett, his tendency to write surreal and ridiculous characters prevents him creating rounded humans that you can identify with.

(The author link goes to his website- he wrote the fic to display what he writes there.)

I haven't regretted reading it, but you need to take it with a pinch of salt. It is impressive, and it's clever. It's funny.

It's also opinionated, and you need to watch out for that.
QC Faye
Author: Closer

Fic: ALL THE THINGS! but most especially, Pizza-Verse

Ships: Harvey/Mike

Assessment of Adultocity: Not really a pornographer here- no warnings, and nothing graphic.


This author write here: is about 90% of the recs in the suits fandom, and about 90% of the fic I've read there that I've loved.

She's a good, solid author. She consistently creates an emotional situations you're happy to buy into. She's the best at creating a relationship between these chaps that is actually fun, geeky, and doesn't fall into the clichés of repeating every damn throw away comment either character has ever made. Super sweet. Love everything. :)

Author: arsenicjade

Fic: Long December

Ships: Harvey/Mike-friendship or, as the kids call it today: "squint"

Assessment of Adultocity: Hurt comfort at its fluffiest.


I love this because of its first bit. Because that's how it has to play out- best case scenario. They let Mike off without charges and Harvey gets an internal slap on the wrist. And after that, it does feature Mike making it work, almost, legally.

(Also, can I mention, how much that this fandom makes me angry at the American Healthcare system. It's insane and inhumane.)
22nd-Feb-2012 10:28 pm - 'It's Just That'
Bunny clothes!
Author: 'Lizapod'

Fic: 'It's Just That' series.

Ships: Harvey/Mike

Assessment of Adultocity: A blowjob and some adult talk. Nothing hugely explicit.


When I hit a new fandom, I read ALL the recs there are. Of all of the ones I've read and read again, I like this one the best. Why? Well, because it does the best at equalising the two men, and dealing with a friendship and repressed sexuality without being a cop out.

I love Mike's brattyness, his dignity and his ability to keep his shit away from Harvey. I love Harvey's cluelessness, his desire to keep pushing, even though he doesn't know why. I love how perfectly they've captured the easy friendship between them, whilst playing with the sexual tension as a sour note that moves gradually into something with a heart.

Also, doesn't have any of the clichés that most of the others have, so I love that. :D
QC Faye
Author: Helen78 and almostnever

Fic: 'Sooner Or Later' and the 'Bound and Determined' verse.

Ships: Logan/Kitty Pryde, Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier

Assessment of Adultocity: 'Sooner Or Later doesn't really need any warnings, but 'Unbound' is very very non-con and disturbing- featuring child abuse, rape, abuse of positions of trust and generally you should read the warnings and know the author isn't exaggerating.


Unaccountably, I find 'Sooner Or Later' to be utterly precious. Utterly. I just love the idea of tiny little Kitty Pryde, all sunshine and determination, having to take on gruff, bitter, cynical Logan, and him being weak at the knees for it to happen. I love it. It's adorable. I wish this wasn't just a long shot, but on the other hand, I don't know if it would be quite so perfect if it wasn't.

Meanwhile, 'Unbound' tore the heart right out of me. You want things to work out so badly for both boys, have the almost acid taste in your mouth as you shout 'UNFAIR!' at the screen, and watch as they go from a horrific situation and build a sad imitation of happiness for themselves, because their true chance was taken from them.

I love BDSM AUs, and generally like arranged marriage/forced bonding fics. I just love how rich the lore is for this one, whilst not being exactly the focus. This is still a WIP but is definitely amazing.
30th-Nov-2011 10:39 pm - Rule Ten
:) :) :) Puffer fish.
Author: skellerbvvt

Fic: "Rule Ten"

Ships: Arthur/Eames

Assessment of Adultocity: Some American style underage-ness, age difference (Eames 17/Arthur 25) and D/s-ness. Eames doesn't have the most magnificent homelife.


So, this is kind of an 'About A Boy' type thing, but with a D/s love story. It is the edge of fanfic where it becomes almost original fic. Eames is a boy, filled with fire and explosive temper. Athur is buttoned down, trying to do the right thing, and not sure what he's supposed to do with the kid that's ended up in his life.

He's also a young man, trying to deal with another young man who really wants him, that he really wants back.

It's really easy to relate to both of the characters- especially Arthur. The Mal in this fic is amazing, and one of my favourite ones in fandom. Everyone in it is amazing. READ. READ NOW.
19th-Nov-2011 11:03 am - Minotaur's Sex Tips for Slash Writers
Happy Bunny!
Website: Minotaur's Sex Tips for Slash Writers

Not Safe For Work-ness: VERY. Do not look at this at work unless you work in a place where images of men having sex with men are ok. It has porn pictures to illustrate his points. If you are new to slash or sex, you may wish to view with the pictures turned off.


This site is the grand-daddy of them all. I believe the guy that made it is sadly no longer with us, but his memory lives on as he teaches yet another generation of people how to make their characters have buttsex.

In general, nowadays, people entering fandom have at least had the 'lube, one-finger, two-finger, three-finger, dick' thing drilled into their head. But that's not really all of it, or even half of it.

It really is very useful, in lots of ways, for someone to talk frankly about their experiences from inside the gay community. I have no TMI filter, and talk about sex with my friends, but I can still only get a very limited amount of knowledge, because, actually, gay men don't necessarily want to spend their time educating people. They've got other shit to do, natch!

The fact that someone was willing to be so thorough about it is great.

This isn't to say, it's not dated. It is. But there's a lot there that is useful- and certainly for beginners. Reading it was something of a fandom right of passage (nearly ten years a go! ARGH!) when I first joined fandom.
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