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12th-Jul-2015 02:25 pm - Harry Potter Epic Roundup 2
QC Faye
Continuing my love of 'AU fics where someone has a modicum of sense!' for Harry Potter, I bring you others that I keep my beady eye on and really love.

Author: Myst Shadow

Fics: Forging The Sword (WIP- very slow updating!)

Pairing: Gen, but a touch of Hermione/Neville.

Assessment of Adultocity: The characters are 12-13, and are not in any personal danger yet. They feel much older, but there's nothing sexual or particularly violent yet.


This is one of my favourite 'what if someone had some common sense' fics. Ginny died in the Chamber of Secrets, so Harry realises he can't just drift any more. If Voldemort could make that diary when he was not much older than Harry, he's got some catching up to do. This fic is particularly good in its treatment of Ron. I was breathless for a moment when I first read OoTP and thought Mr Weasley was dead, because YES, Ron needs this. He needs to be brought into the war in person, like Harry has been. Ron, who lost a sister, has much needed edge, solemnity and perspective. They're all such amazing characters in this, and I really hope she finishes it.


Author: Evansentranced

Fics: Fantastic Elves and Where to Find Them and Handbook of Elf Psychology

Pairing: None! Harry's not really in a fit state for that.

Assessment of Adultocity: Severe child neglect.


It all seems perfectly logical when you think about it. It makes sense that Harry would read about magical creatures in children's books, and come to the conclusion that he's one of them. So Harry, abandoned by the Dursleys at a young age, decides he's an elf. And he does very well at that. It seems almost a crack fic, until the second fic, where you see the author's skill as Snape gently tries to coax Harry from his delusion. It's a sad, but not maudlin fic. And he's an interesting character, that's for sure!
14th-May-2015 05:31 pm - Harry Potter Epic Roundup 1
QC Faye
I love HP AU fanfics like burning. I like AUs where fewer people are morons. Because let's face it, a lot of people in HP are morons, and if they could just stop doing that, things would be more interesting.

Author: Jacob K

Fics: Applied Cultural Anthropology

Pairing: Gen, but a touch of Hermione/Neville.

Assessment of Adultocity: Some bullying, lots of blood purity, can't remember there being much else.


I can't believe this doesn't happen more. When you think about it, Hermione is ruthless. Utterly, completely ruthlesss. Without Ron and Harry to insulate her, Hermione grows her own strength, learns how to operate in the wizarding world, grows new sharp edges and loses old ones. What I quite enjoy about this fic is how even-handedly it treats everyone. No bashing, no favouritism, no destiny, just a clever, brutal witch who fights for survival and acceptance. This is BEAUTIFUL.


Author: Marauder Lover 7

Fics: Innocent, Initiate, and Identity.

Pairing: Remus/Tonks, Sirius/OFC, I get the feeling that all canon ships will show up eventually.

Assessment of Adultocity: There's a reasonable amount of torture, people die, people are sneaky and mean, there's the standard Dursley child abuse.


Rescuing a tiny Harry from the Dursley's is something that happens a whole lot in fanfics, and Sirius taking him isn't exactly uncommon, either. This one is a really good! It doesn't fix things too quickly. It spreads out the awesomeness between all the characters. The real stand out awesome in this fic is that the Death Eaters are rounded out, particularly Lucius and Narcissa. The children are children and the adults are adults. I really love this series.
26th-May-2014 01:56 pm - Wings of Winter
QC Faye
Author: Aris Merquoni

Fics: Wings of Winter

Pairing: Elsa/OFC, Anna/Kristoff

Assessment of Adultocity: Nothing I can think of to warn you of.


This was a bit of a slow burn for me. Initially this was a perfectly solid, sweet fic, blending an uncommon fairytale with the characters from Frozen.

In the end, it was just what I needed added to Frozen. Elsa is still rigid and untrusting, Anna is still bubbling with affection and desire to get close to people. Hans... I love this look at him. It doesn't redeem him exactly, but it gives him a good comeuppance and discusses the fact that we genuinely see affection for Anna from him in the beginning. It shows another side to Hans and on subsequent viewings of Frozen it gradually becomes your head-canon.

Definitely read this! It's mostly gen, and I think that the Elsa/OFC pairing comes out of nowhere. But it didn't bother it.
QC Faye
Author: Lettered

Responsible Science:
A Fine Spur, The Hollow Men, Keep Your Splendid, Silent Sun, The Kids Weren't Alright, Let's Stop The Time Warp (Again)

How Not To Be A Cliché:Or Even Rearrange You, Action Items for the Morning After, Relationship Risk Assessment And Research.

Pairing: Pepper/Tony

Assessment of Adultocity: How Not To Be A Cliché contains porn of the highest order. Responsible Science contains discussions of child abuse.

These two series dovetail together- and reading both really does give you extra depth to Pepper and Tony, who honestly don't interact much in Responsible Science.

All these pieces tend to get recced individually, which is pretty amazing. There's the wonderful discussion of the modern world and our place in it, whilst looking at the bitterness that Bruce has and Steve's desire to do good without really understanding how- that's 'The Hollow Men', there's the look at the various childhood scars and fundemental flaws in 'The Kids Aren't Alright'.

And then, then, there's the beautiful plotting masterpiece of a Groundhog Day AU which is 'Let's Stop The Time Warp (Again)'. This is so beautifully plotted, so rich in its world building, so amazing in its scale, that I really cannot recommend it enough.

'How Not To Be A Cliché' is the hot, raw, bleeding look at how damaged and twisted Pepper is, and why that makes her perfect for Tony. It's filthy. It's sexy. It's a lovely character piece.

These are absolutely first class pieces. All of them. Read them.
4th-Mar-2014 12:47 pm - The Giles Thing
QC Faye
Author: drsquidlove

Fic: The Giles Thing

Pairing: Xander/Giles

Assessment of Adultocity: Porny, and there's the inherent age difference.


The Buffy fandom is sprawling and vast, and hard to get a a grip of. It requires more use of the Wayback Machine than you'd believe. Finding stuff is hard. Finding good stuff that doesn't trigger any of my 'this is too irritating for words' things is even harder.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, whenever I watch Buffy, I just yearn for something to resolve the sort of lostness that Giles and Xander both have- and how that lostness is a kind of kinship for them. They bond, they spend so much time together, they both become increasingly useless, even as they become more and more competent and amazing. I just want something that addresses that with them. And properly. Not a porny-one shot.

And then I just found this and it was great, and it tugged my heart strings, but when I finished it I just went 'Yes. This.'.

I'm so glad I found it. I love things that deal with how a relationship fits in with the world of canon and does it in a way that really feels true to the characters. I love that Buffy and Willow are given an even hand, and aren't demonised or reduced in any way. There's plot, and it's all relevant, and then, in the middle of it all, there's the wonderful, delicious tension of a new relationship being felt out.

This is great!
3rd-Mar-2014 12:56 pm - A Cure for Boredom
QC Faye
Author: Emma Grant

Fic: A Cure For Boredom

Pairing: John/Sherlock

Assessment of Adultocity: Very very very porny. BDSMy. A minor consent issue, but it's all discussed well and handled nicely.


Emma Grant is an old fandom hand and a big fandom name. Anything she's written is worth a read, but this one? It just got me.

I'm a fan of well written BDSM- things which really make you feel that everyone involved in it is really getting off on it. It's too easy to tell rather than show, but it's not a trap that's fallen in to here. If you just roll with the premise, it's a great love story and a great porn set up.

I reread this one almost immediately. I just can't get enough of this story and this world.
3rd-Mar-2014 12:38 pm - What Fates Impose
QC Faye
Author: Frea O

Fic: 'What Fates Impose'

Pairing: Chuck/Sarah

Assessment of Adultocity: Panic attacks, loss of control, some indicators of at the very least, very dubious consent. Some violence.


This isn't my ship, but it's such a good story that it doesn't matter. In this fix, Chuck graduated Stanford, joined the CIA and...it hasn't gone well for him. It's a very different Chuck from the one we see in the series- more vulnerable, and with more abilities. He's been in a bunker for five years and so his computer-fu is strong, and his ability to cope is weak.

It's an AU with a lot of overlap with the first season- and it doesn't feel boring or belaboured when events we've seen are covered again. The relationships are different but they're real, their detailed, and they don't seem to be self serving to the plot.

I really really got into this, I really really bought a romance that I just never do in canon. Definitely give this a go, even if it isn't your thing! It comes with a series attached, describing events from Sarah's point of view.
9th-Jun-2013 08:35 pm - Haunted
QC Faye
Author: Kantayra

Fic: Haunted.

Pairing: Spike/Buffy

Assessment of Adultocity: Sexy times, abusive relationships- that's all I can remember warnings wise, but it has been a few years since I read it.


So, this is a fic that has stayed with me for years and led me to lamenting that no BtVS fic since has been as good.

After he's beaten by Buffy in the Season 6 episode 'Dead Things', Dawn persuades Spike to leave with her. Years later, they are demon hunters and best friends. Buffy and Spike are still trying to get over their abusive relationships with each other.

They meet up again in a hotel where a mystical force is killing the guests. And the mystery is GREAT. It's a genuinely good mystery story, with a really great Spike-Dawn relationship, and it takes the twisted Spike/Buffy romance to a great and healthy place.

If you only ever read one Buffy fanfic, it should be this one.
10th-Feb-2013 05:55 pm - The Paladin Protocol
QC Faye

The Paladin Protocol

Pairing: Penny/Sheldon

Assessment of Adultocity: Pretty light. I can't remember anything too dark in this. Maybe a little misogyny, but not much, and all intentional.


If this was a bigger fandom, I swear to god I would search out and read only Leonard bashing. I really dislike the character and, as a scientist, was REALLY angry at what they did to Sheldon in the Arctic. I really wanted him to get punished appropriately for that.

So. This is Leonard bashing and I am SO HERE FOR THAT.

Slightly more irritatingly, it has Sheldon being almost OOC levels of awesome, which I am less here for, but whatever.

Aside from that, it is a bit of a 'fix it' for the fact that people are occasionally mean to Sheldon, and also a bit of a 'fix it' for Penny, and even, actually, for Leonard.

Generally, it's a really sweet and amazing romance that works and is definitely what I wanted in Big Bang Theory fic. I'm reccing it even though every other fanfic reccer who reads this fandom will. Because it's really good.
21st-Jan-2013 09:46 pm - The Normal-Verse
QC Faye
Author JaKL

Fic: The Normal-verse

Pairing: Gen with some Faith/Buffy

Assessment of Adultocity: Disturbing as hell. Non-con like WOAH. Not that graphic, but a LOT of rape.


This is one of those storys that really makes canon so much bigger. It rewrites and expands on Slayer-lore, it plays with the Dawn as the key. It's largely fair and even handed with all the characters.

It's fighting the first, and doing it again on a bigger stage, and in another universe. This is a crossover with Stargate. Everything I know about Stargate I learned from Fanfic, so you don't need to now much about that canon to love it.

It's so dark, well plotted. I've been rewatching Buffy and keep thinking of some of the bits of this. It's been about a year since I read it, so it is 10000000% memorable and amazing.
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